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Having lunch in the casual adjoining of the upper deck or sitting down for a formal lunch set on glass tables, eating onboard a luxury Yachts or boat is always a good option. The crew is well-versed in organizing the lunch with a glass of champagne and some mouth-watering cuisine.

The fun of having your private lunch at the Yacht is an amazing feeling with your loved ones. Whether you prefer a proper formal lunch or an easy breezy brunch on the deck, WAK Dubai makes your experience on the boat super luxurious and comfortable.

Why choose us?

Even beyond lunch on Yacht, WAK Dubai can arrange a super fun day with your loved ones. From chef’s special dishes to a fun-frolic picnic, a movie on the deck with some ice cream and popcorn on the side, canapés, and cocktails to make your day even more special. If you want to make your lunch onboard more memorable and luxurious, make sure to put in your requirements for a great experience. You can even plan a romantic lunch with your partner; our team will plan everything from decorations, music, food, and surprises. We will make your special day even more special by keeping every minute detail in mind for your special occasion.

Whether you opt for casual brunch or a formal lunch, WAK Dubai is willing to make your onboard experience more luxurious and enchanting. Yacht charter is willing to accommodate your style, so get ready to enjoy some premium services every time you plan to come on board. Those who like having a laid-back experience can also enjoy the barefoot bliss and have a formal and informal event on our charter Yacht. Contacting us is very easy, our customer care is available to provide you with all the services without any hustle.